Learn More about ValenceyValencey intend to be the clothing extension for free and independant women, offering a shoe that would regroup all their qualities. Strenght, softness, elegance, individuality and so much more…

Because they refuse to be labelled and they embrace their complexity, they know that appearances are not everything and that there are so many things to discover under the surface.

Sometimes contradictory, often surprising, they live a full life.
Curious adventurers, they do not hesitate to discover, learn and visit new places, (carefully) walking toward the unknown.

Learn More about Valencey Inspiration Comics
Inspired by pop art culture, comic books and 50’s pin-ups, adorned with details from all around the world, from London Tube and Sydney’s buildings to Mumbai street markets, between modern and vintage, Valencey’s collection is timeless. It does not follow trends, plays and reinvent itself with its own balance, free, like the woman who will wear it.

learn more about Valencey quality manufactureFaithfull to its values, Valencey chose a European manufacture, in the beautiful city of Alicante, south of Spain, entrusting its ideas to qualified craftsmen. From a top quality leather (cow and goat), treated with extra care, emerge a delicate shoe, with the promise of comfort and durability to their future owner.

Each shoe is taken care of individually, made in very limited edition (25 pairs per design) in order to guarantee that uniqueness that we all cherish so much.