Balance between sensuality and elegance, discretion and sparkling details, alliance between quality, aestheticism and “savoir-faire”, all that gathered to form a special and unique shoe.

This could resume Valencey’s world.

Behind Valencey

Who better than a passionate shoes collector can understand women's need and expectations? Ambitious self-made woman, Lou Hocquet is above all a fearless independant who never hesitate to invest everything in this project that means a lot to her for years. Out of nothing, through hard work and persistence, she realised that dream of her.
Curious traveller, she likes to observe people, from London subway to Mumbai market, Sydney's beaches and Rome's paved places. She mixes with that cosmopolite urban inspiration, comics, pin-ups and graphic lines.

Designs and materials

 The softness and velvety of leather, emphasize with delicacy the smooth shape of a sober and simple design, combined with discreet details, in order to create a stylish basic, "must-have" in any wardrobe.

  Savoir Faire

In southern Spain, the most experimented craftsmen offer their expertise to bring the perfect mix of tradition and design and create a beautiful piece of art.
Each shoe is taken care of individually which leads to the highest quality items and confer them that uniqueness we cherish so much.